Environment and quality

"Märkesdemo" shall provide a known, high and consistent quality to all customers, leading to recommendations and repeat purchases. We shall contribute to long-term sustainable development to the extent that we have the knowledge and resources and ensure that environmental and quality issues are included in our overall business strategy.  

To realize this we need:

· Dismantle and drain in an environmentally safe way by preventing pollution and making energy more efficient, and ensuring that    hazardous waste is disposed of properly, that more parts are recycled and that a larger proportion of materials are recycled.

· Deliver parts that correspond to the performance of new parts with high delivery reliability and high customer satisfaction

· Make demands on suppliers and contractors who can influence our environmental performance and / or the quality of our       products and services and choose ecolabelled products to the extent possible

· Have knowledge and insight that we comply with legislation and other binding requirements set by customers, society and other    stakeholders that are essential to our business

· Have staff with sufficient competence for the work that is performed and which is constantly stimulated for skills development

· Have a management and staff whose work is characterized by the pursuit of continuous improvements to the management     system, which also leads to better environmental performance.