Environment and quality

Environmental policy

Häggs Bildemontering is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. This means that we:

  • work for an environmentally sound development. Environmental issues are integrated as a natural part of a responsible, efficient and profitable business.
  • maintain an environmental management system that applies throughout the business. Our environmental policy lays down guidelines for how we work in the environment area.
  • as a minimum standard adhere to legislation and other requirements that concern us. The aim is prevention and to continuously improve our operations from the point of view of the environment.
  • adhere to applicable routines and instructions. Through education, all our employees are encouraged to take personal responsibility for environmental issues.
  • our operations’ environmental impact is evaluated and monitored continuously. Environmental aspects are identified, environmental goals set and our environmental impact reduced or if possible eliminated.
  • strive to use equipment in our operations with the least possible environmental impact. Environmental impact is taken into account when we make investments.
  • we have contingency plans to ensure that the effects of unintentional emissions at the facility are as limited as possible. These have been drawn up together with the relevant authorities.
  • communicate with openness and objectivity. Our environmental policy is available to the public at our offices.


Quality policy

Häggs Bildemontering is quality certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Our products and services are to be of such a character that we always satisfy our customers’ wishes and meet their expectations. Quality is every employee’s concern.

We intend to achieve this by:

  • creating a customer/supplier team-work relationship within the company where every individual is responsible for quality within their own area of responsibility.
  • only accepting demands that we have the ability and capacity to fulfil.
  • educating, informing and organising so that everyone does things right from the beginning.
  • working continuously with quality improvements.