Car recycling

At Häggs Bildemontering we take care of about 2,500 end-of-life and collision-damaged cars every year. All cars are treated in an environmentally correct manner. All dangerous waste is collected and destroyed, usable parts are reused and the rest are recycled. When we have finished, 95% of the car has been recycled. We welcome both private individuals and companies (car repair shops and insurance companies) as customers.

How does it work

You leave your car

You can bring your car to us without charge at any time in Ilsbo.

If the office is closed, park your car somewhere suitable and drop the keys and registration certificate in the letterbox at the entrance. Write your mobile number on the registration certificate in case we need to contact you. If the office is open, you are naturally welcome to come in!

Recycling process


The car is drained of all fluids, e.g. fuel and oil. Environmentally harmful components like batteries and oil filters are removed by hand.


The car is checked for parts that can be reused. With collision-damaged cars that come in from workshops and insurance companies, most of the parts can be used. In the case of end-of-life cars, only a few parts can be used. The parts that can be reused are quality assured, cleaned, photographed, catalogued with their original part number, priced and then placed in stock to be sold.


The car is then dismantled and any parts that can be recycled are removed and sorted. These may for example include windows, tyres, wiring and catalytic converters. These parts are then taken to a recycling centre to be made into new materials.


Finally, the car is crushed to make it as small as possible when it is taken away for fragmentation and end-of-life recycling.


When the work is complete, 95% of your car has been recycled.

Did you know ..

... the minute you decide to scrap your car it is classified as environmentally harmful waste.